Our Fleet:         

The Endeavor! This 36ft Sailboat has the amenities of a house but sails through the lakes and oceans.
If you want a truly great experience out on the water whether showing family around or looking for a boat to help you celebrate life, welcome aboard! Sailing instruction can also be provided with you at the helm! The Endeavor can Sail Lake Union, Lake Washington (raise bridges!) or head out to the Puget sound (pending conditions) through the Locks!

The Endeavor has a refrigerator, restroom, sound system, swim ladder, guitar, and the space for whatever you would like to bring aboard!

Our Crew


Derek – Holder of a 100 Ton United States Coast Guard Captains License.  Derek has been sailing the waters of the Pacific Northwest for the last three years.  He has been a tour operator of power vessels, completed many boat deliveries from outside Washington state, and is all around entertaining person to have onboard.  If Derek happens to be your captain, ask him about his story of moving to the PNW.

Dennis – Holder of a 50 Ton United States Coast Guard Captains License.  Dennis has been sailing all his life and has become an expert in racing sailboats.  Dennis has also been a whaleboat tour operator in the San Juan islands.

Dorin – Holder of a 50 Ton United States Coast Guard Captains License.  Dorin was literally born on a boat.  He has been boating throughout his life.  Dorin is most interested in classic wooden yachts.  Ask him about his time as a Duck Boat Captain or his time Fishing up in Alaska.


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